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All ages

From 4 to 72, Hang Zen Surf School will get you on your feet and riding waves like a Pro on your first lesson!

Surf Equipment

If you don’t know how to surf, that also means you don’t have surf equipment. Hang Zen Surf School has got you covered! We have every kind of surf board and wetsuit on-hand for our clients.

Family Friendly

Hang Zen Surf School provides a positive, confidence inspiring experience you and your family can expect from one of the best surf schools in Southern California!

HangZen Surf School welcomes you to experience one of the most exciting and rewarding sports in the world. To many people, surfing is more than just a sport. It is a way of life, a philosophy, and a spiritual pursuit. Surfing has long been the quintessential Southern California past time, forming the cornerstone of a free-spirited and carefree existence.

Whether you are a beginning surfer looking to learn the basics of the sport or an advanced, competitive surfer hoping to improve your skills, HangZen Surf School of San Diego has the perfect program for you. Contact us today to schedule an individual, small group or large group lesson or to book your spot in one of our popular surf camps.

Experience the Thrill of Surfing and a Southern California way
of life…

HangZen Surf School is based in the surfer’s Mecca of Leucadia in the City of Encinitas, California, one of the last true remaining Southern California surf towns situated among the spacious beaches of beautiful North San Diego County. HangZen Surf School wants you to experience the thrill and rush that can only come from catching a wave. Our instructors are experienced, dedicated surfers who love introducing newcomers to the sport while helping experienced surfers perfect their talent.

Hang Zen Surf School Video

Hang Zen Surf School Video
Blue Wave - Hang Zen Surf School

Experience the magic of the ocean

There is something very peaceful, spiritual and healing about being in the ocean. You will feel a great sense of accomplishment as well as connection to Mother Nature as you spend a day with Scott Hamrick and Hang Zen Surf School.

Scott Hamrick - Hang Zen Surf School

Scott Hamrick

Your Instructor – Scott Hamrick is an expert surfer, an experienced waterman, and a La Jolla native. By the age of fourteen he was admitted to the Wind and Sea Surf Club, one of the most prestigious surf clubs in the Untied States. Scott began competing professionally at that time, and ranked first in the YMCA Pro/Am Series in 1996 and 1997. In 1998 he went on to compete in the United States Surfing Federation, where he ranked fourth in the country.

Scot Hamrick on a wave - Hang Zen Surf School

Our “Stand Up” Guarantee!

We guarantee you will get to your feet during your first surf lesson or your next lesson is FREE!

What they’re saying…

@HangZenSurf the best surf instructor on the [] planet! Thanks for years of work with my kids and being a great friend!

Dana White - MMA Fighting Legend, Las Vegas, NV

If you want to take surf lessons in Encinitas you can’t get more soulfully organic than Scotty Hamrick. I just got off the water with him. From the structure of the reef below us, to the intricate action of the waves we rode, and on up to a study of the clouds above us, spending time on the water with Scotty is always more than just a surf lesson. He greets everyone like they’re already a lifelong friend. Today I took a solo lesson, but I first met Scotty in 2011 when he and his crew took out 30 ski industry pros as part of our annual national convention in La Costa. Everyone raved about the two-hour surf camp, and it was as easy as showing up in the parking lot. Scotty and his crew are full-on pros, and took care of all the rest, even including tips on where to eat and drink afterward. Big props to Hang Zen Surf School…see you soon Scotty! Stoked. Aloha.

Troy H. - Denver, CO

Just Fantastic!
Took my wife and two kids, 10 and 7, surfing for the morning with Scott and his crew last week. He had the kids up on the boards in minutes. Very attentive instructors, vigilant and fun with the kids. Would HIGHLY recommend Hang Zen. Really made our vacation one to remember. Thanks Scott!

Shaun S. - Orinda, CA

I’d never surfed before and Scott had me standing up in thirty minutes. Thanks a lot! It was fun.

Barry Johnson - 44 years old, Bloomington, IN

I’ve wanted to try surfing all my life with my wife. I couldn’t have imagined a better teacher. Thanks Scott.

Gary Packard - 60 years old, Fort Worth, TX

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